Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Tãobem Pijamas

Tãobem Pijamas

Metz Consultoria + Joel Designer

About this project:
The goal was develop the positioning, marketing plan, name, and identity for a new brand in the pajama segment.

My collaboration for this project:
Create a design project that highlights that pajamas don’t have to be worn just for sleeping, tailored for people who have their own style and enjoy feeling comfortable and well-dressed everywhere, at all times.



We know that life is increasingly busy, so valuing every moment of relaxation and rest is essential.

And being well-dressed in all these moments of life doesn’t need rules. Because we dress how we are, and we are unique.

Between choosing comfort and beauty, we choose both. Pajamas? Who said they’re just for sleeping? We want to feel cozy all the time, anywhere.

No embarrassment, just style, with family, with friends. What matters is feeling good!



Pajamas for life. Stylish, whether sleeping or awake!